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Machine Learning

Akshaya Natarajan

4 minute read

A big HI to all the FreshGrads out there. While most of the other blog posts here give you a really good idea on how to apply for internships, competitions, scholarships, I decided to go a little offbeat and share my journey from being a “non-engineer” to becoming an “engineer”. It’s more of an introspection into my own transition hoping that it’ll make a difference in someone’s life. I want to direct this blog post to all the college students, who are…

Yury Kashnitsky

2 minute read

ODS AI Poster is an open and free Machine Learning course, that has been led by OpenDataScience (a.k.a. from spring 2017. This fall, from Sept. 2nd till Nov. 24th, you can join the last session of this course. In a nutshell, the course is focused on practice (you’ll have several Kaggle Inclass competitions and assignments over these 10 weeks) but will also teach you theory needed to understand the techniques that you’ll be heavily using.



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