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Thirumalai Devi Ramya

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I am Thirumalai Devi Ramya, GATE aspirant and I completed BE (Bachelor of Engineering) in CS (Computer Science) from Idhaya Engineering College for Women, Chinnasalem, Tamil Nadu. I explored Udacity first time for the Java course.

One fine day, I got an email ✉️ about Udacity scholarship. I found there are two domains like Android and Frontend. When I found the domain Android, I remembered one thing that happened when we have MADLAB(Mobile Application Development Lab). It was actually a university lab and it was a new curriculum for us so teachers in our college had no idea about it and they were not sure how to get output. I enrolled myself in a MADLAB course in NPTEL and I got some ideas about how to do it.

We were using Eclipse platform to create apps for that syllabus and I was playing with eclipse during my leisure and I learned some exercises.Finally we gotta attend university lab and the exercises that were given for us was completely different from the one we practiced. My friends were stuck and I was also stuck for 30 mins and after that I began to figure out what had to be done and I started to program. In the mid I attended viva voce and then I tried again and the lab timing of 3 hours was nearly coming to an end. All my friends were stuck and I was trying everything I learnt, on the other side externals and internals were watching us.

Finally I stood up and said I completed it.

External examiner was impressed and he came to my computer desk to view the output. He said yeah! you have done it right.

My friends were shouting like hey congrats and some of them were like how you did that? I was amazed 😏 and I couldn’t figure out how I did that. I was the only girl to get an output in our department. That was my first awesome experience with android 😄.

After that I was in a different track called GATE. I applied for Android platform in Udacity. Actually I am a twin 👭 and my twin applied for Frontend in Udacity. Her name is Mareeswari Lakshmi. We both got a reply mail from udacity on the same day and I started my career in Android, my sister started her career in Frontend.

I am learning about frontend from her 😎. I wanna thank Udacity for offering scholarship in wonderful domains. When I started to use slack for the first time, I was frightened to meet different characters, then it became usual. I gather ideas from my peers, I ask for reviews, I discuss about my errors and I am learning new things everyday in udacity.

I could meet freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals here. I could also find ultimate thinkers and designers. I was so amazed to be in a platform where you are working with great minds. The best part is I could feel amity here and there is no enmity.

I am happy 😃 that I am learning how to interact with a great community where people are from different places and with different thoughts.I am in my learning path and it is helping me to understand android and also android studio in a better way. My aim is to be a scientist and I am exploring a lot about apps that give information about space and I am on my way to enhance my android programming knowledge to develop an app which could explore space in a better way.

The thirst that Udacity has made in my mind to develop a space app was gonna be in my mind until I succeeded in launching it. The impact that Udacity has created is gonna be there forever.

I wanna thank Udacity and Google for creating such an awesome platform. For a girl like me from a rural area in India this is really a very big platform to strengthen my career.

Udacity Scholarship page link: Udacity also has student hub where you can get your doubts clarified and they also conduct propel every year for Nano degree graduates . Stay udacious! Thank you fellas for spending your precious time in reading this 😁.


On behalf of FreshGrads.Info Community, Thank you very much Ramya for doing this, This will inspire people to apply for scholarships and grab opportunities offered by MOOCs like Udacity.

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