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Aastha Saxena

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Hola World, I’m a first year BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) student, fresher but ready to challenge myself in the higher level of my field.

My Past Life:

When the situation of taking subjects in 11th class , PCM or PCB or commerce or Arts , I chose PCB, that time I had a mindset of a medical career. I chose IP (Informatics Practices) as my optional Subject . After completing 12th I realised that I was not happy with my subjects, but completed my high school . After 12th results , I was worried and stressed not about my marks and percentages but about my future. I was struck with the question of what to do next. Either continue my medical career or to change my career forever. That’s when I made a choice and switched to Software/ Information Technology Career, thus chose BCA. At first, It was very hard for me. But, Currently I’m very happy with it with a straightforward goal to achieve a higher skill in Dta science and Artificial Intelligence.

Present Life:

When I completed my first year of College in BCA , I was a Full Stack Developer Trainee (in 2019), developing my programming skills in Angular 8, Node.js, REST API , Javascript and many other web development platforms.

As I’m keenly interested in Machine Learning , Deep Learning and Devops platforms, I have started my training in MLOps and Devops:Assembly Lines under the guidance of Mr. Vimal Daga Sir in April, this year. I don’t know why, but I started believing in myself and that my decision of changing my career track was pretty right.

What am I learning today:

I’m learning everything from basics to advanced that includes supervised learning, unsupervised machine learning, creation of ML Models ,implementing them in code from scratch, transfer learning, CNN and also learning to integrate Machine learning code with DevOps to make the code seamlessly (and automatically) pushed to production so that it can start predicting.

I have gone through Docker Training to improve my expertise in the area of ML Ops. I am also learning Devops : Assembly Lines, Git, Github, Jenkins, Kubernetes as my interest in this field grows every day. This has lead me to explore new tools and technologies that can improve my current set of skills.

Ultimately, I want to develop as much as Machine Learning models and also want to improve my skills in such a way that I can handle industry real-life problems.

What I learned from my mistakes:

I can say that sometimes you create a big change in yourself and you might think it can create problems for you in future but if you have faith in yourself, you will never regret it.


  • Writtenby Aastha Saxena :Summer Intern at LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd | Global Ambassador at WomenTech Network

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