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Ismath Haakifa

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‘What do you want to become when you grow up?’, a question my Teacher asked me when I was in Grade 5.

‘A Software Engineer’, was my reply to which she was bewildered.

I was introduced to that term by my Dad when he shared with me how he loved Programming and how awesome it was to solve Problems, writing fancy lines of Text and how he couldn’t pursue that track because of financial reasons.

This particular exchange stuck with me and helped in exploring new things ever since.

I kept learning about anything which Interested me, Animation, Web Designing, App Development, Blog Creation, Photo editing, etc.

I love being inquisitive and creative. Learning and reading about new things and Ideas was my Pass-time.

But things started crumpling down when I shifted schools and found it difficult to cope with the language barrier. I always had my Parents support, but being unable to perform to my expectations led me into Depression.

Time passed by and I fought back to being who I wanted to be in my University. Electronics interested me a lot so decided to pursue a Degree in it.

I started Worked on cool Projects and Ideas but always felt like I was missing something.

I got selected for my first ever interview with Siemens, I was super excited when I cleared the first two rounds and was in my final round of selection. I didn’t perform to my expectation.

The interviewer was generous and wanted to have another round of interview. He went with me through all my Projects and other interests I told him and started questioning me in a friendly manner. I didn’t have answers to many. He gave me feedback on my performance and I left.

I took a Three week break from everything, Caught up with people who I knew from some part of my Life. Revived all good memories, cleaned up my Photos, cleared my desktop and renovated my bedroom.

I was determined to start fresh.

I cleaned up my Wordpress Blog and Published my first Poetry after years.

I’m learning to sketch Comics and planning to pursue this as my hobby.

I updated my knowledge in the IT Industry, researched for hours and finally decided on pursuing Data Science.

I started reading books and enrolled in few courses.

I haven’t finished them yet but I know I will continue in this field because I’m loving the journey and feel like I have found that missing part.

I started off with my Youtube channel (Data Tales), to further push me towards this goal because I know I learn better when I teach others.

Takeaway, try to take break from everything when you feel too burdened and overwhelmed, allocate some time to yourself everyday and during this time try to squeeze that creative sector of the brain. It really helps.(I write 10 Ideas a day ,as suggested by James Altucher)

Some books which I recommend if you are starting off in this field of Data science (Like me):

  1. Introduction to Data Science — A Python approach to Concepts, Techniques and Applications by Springer.
  2. Think Stats (Probability and Statistics for Programmers) by O’Reilly

Reading blogs and articles by fellow Data Scientists helps in keeping us updated.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be diving into the Basics of Data Science and will further Share more Resources.


  • Writtenby Ismath Haakifa :Electronics & Communication Engineering Student at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, (Pilani) Dubai
  • Originally posted here / Reposted with permission.

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