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Shubhangi Jena

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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at thirty at eighty — Henry Ford.

This is especially true if you are somebody in tech. I finished my degree exams a few months ago, and like me I am sure many of you must have felt the same — this isn’t the end of learning; it’s just the beginning.

In this blog, I am sharing my learning journey post a traditional college degree with few scholarships & free learnings (along with links + tips) that you can access too to upskill yourself. As a matter of fact, while I am writing this blog right now after 3 months of starting my journey, my learning quest hasn’t completed yet, it’s goes as far and beyond what the mind can stretch, thanks to all the opportunities!

Secure and Private AI Challenge Scholarship by Facebook AI and Udacity

I was stoked to receive the mail from Udacity to have been selected for this Challenge Course and it did take me some time to snap out of my ‘moment’ (few days precisely.)

General Walkthrough of the Program

The challenge course is divided in two phases and selected participants from Phase 1 have a chance to enter Phase 2. The details mentioned below gives you an idea of what Phase 1 was like. The phase 2 results will be announced in September.

  1. The course spread across 3 months duration and selected participants had a chance to learn how to apply privacy-preserving tools and techniques to deep learning so that you can tackle more difficult problems and create smarter, more effective AI models with Pytorch — Facebook’s Deep Learning Framework.
  2. The students had an access to Udacity’s vibrant student community and a chance to participate in their various community initiatives like #60DaysofUdacity where you post about your learnings for 60 days straight and #ama_sessions (Ask Me Anything Sessions), Project Showcase Challenge, et al. to name a few.
  3. One also had the option to participate in these #UdacityFacebookScholars privately held competitions like hackathons, blog writing competitions, quizzes, etc. in line with the context of the competition.
  4. The selected 300 participants will have a chance to pursue Deep Learning or Computer Vision Nanodegree by Udacity for free and earn a certificate!🎁

Although the applications for the Phase 1 of the Challenge have closed (back in May), you can access the free course here —–ud185

If you are interested in more of these Scholarship Challenges by Udacity sign up for notifications here —

Data Science by WorldQuant University

The second degree course I have been selected into is the Data Science Degree Course by WorldQuant University. It has a class-apart approach to teaching Data Science, whether you are a beginner or someone looking for adding more to your knowledge, this course is perfect to continue learning.

General walkthrough

  1. The course consists of 2 modules — where based on your performance in the first module you get selected for the second module.
  2. To get selected to the Degree course you can apply by filling out a form and answering questions based on your foundational knowledge on Python and Mathematics.
  3. Once selected, you can start your free course! All other details about the program will be shared with you on your email address.
  4. They have 4 sessions open each year.
  5. If you are willing to apply for the next session which begins on 30th September apply by 9th of September. Hurry!

Apply here —

You can also check out their Financial engineering module here —

30 Days on GCP by Google Cloud

General Walkthrough —

Learn about Google Cloud Architechture using Google Cloud Platform for free!

  1. You will have to finish 3 quests before the end of every month (you will receive a mail regarding these details upon enrollment.)
  2. Upon completion here’s what you can expect — Get recognized by Google Developers & get cool schwags.
  3. Get 1 month of free access to Coursera’s ML on GCP Specialization certified course.
  4. Get discount on GCP Certification upon completion of Coursera course.

Stay tuned here for the upcoming 30 days on GCP :

Follow @googledevsin for all updates!

General FAQs and Tips

  1. Since the fees of the the courses are covered, you are expected to invest a good slice of your time to learn everything thoroughly and participate in their communities, if there are any.
  2. These courses do not restrict the enrollment to any age group or background, you can apply as long as your fundamentals are clear or you can seek help from other participants’ in their community.
  3. Each course has its exclusive offers — with WorldQuant you can defer your course once to the next session, with Udacity you are exposed to a host of opportunities that the participants’ in the community share. ✌

I hope this helps anyone who is looking to learn something new, maybe stay upbeat with the latest trends and skills or apply for a new role — any reason is a good reason to get started!

Happy learning to you all! 👨 🎓👩 🎓

Originally posted here written by Shubhangi Jena

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