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Ananya Shrivastava

7 minute read

Hey! My name is Ananya and I am here to share my experience on how I was able to bag internships just by leveraging the power of networking. I recently completed my internship at and previously I have worked as a research associate at IIM Ahmedabad. Just to be clear, I’m someone who hails from a tier-three college, and getting such good Internships seemed a bit far fetched for me too. Initially, I used to be very lost on how to look for the right Internships and approach the…

Akshaya Natarajan

4 minute read

A big HI to all the FreshGrads out there. While most of the other blog posts here give you a really good idea on how to apply for internships, competitions, scholarships, I decided to go a little offbeat and share my journey from being a “non-engineer” to becoming an “engineer”. It’s more of an introspection into my own transition hoping that it’ll make a difference in someone’s life. I want to direct this blog post to all the college students, who are…

Adyasha Mohanty

4 minute read

I was always interested in Open Source contribution from long back but was not able to start as I felt it’s not much beginner-friendly. I started searching about how to get started with it and finally landed up to GirlsScript Summer of Code. I read all about it and I was highly exuberant and applied for it immediately. I was extremely happy and pumped when I received that I am shortlisted for the same🎉.



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