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Stories from the experienced about How to get First Internship, First job, First GSOC, Win Hackathons

The Problem

The world that we currently live is in a state of catch22 for any College Fresher (Fresh Graduate). Companies as for experience to give you a job and you need a job to gain experience. This is a constant complaint from any Fresh Graduate who’s seeking for a job or internship. But in the same contemporary world, We see Fresh Graduates getting scholarships, getting internships, landing on their first jobs and even building startups and doing a heck lot of things which seem to be a distant dream for other Fresh Graduates. But there’s not focused a place (other than those addictive social media) where we get to read or listen such experiences and learn from them.

The Solution

Hence born, FreshGrads.Info!

FreshGrads.Info is a platform to help and guide Fresh Graduates with real-true-honest information about essentials like:

  • How to find Internships

  • How to land on the First Job

  • How to contribute to Open Source

  • How to contribute to Stack Overflow

  • How to win Hackathons

  • How to secure Scholarships

  • Guides, Interviews and much more.

The idea is to keep the stories true and honest directly from someone who has experienced it in the past.


While today It’s primarily a site, I hope this can grow as a community of mentors and freshgrads where one can share and learn with each other.

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